Riga, Latvia

Ķemeri National Park

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This large national park has some wonderful spots for running. There are numerous nature trails, boardwalks, marsh, and forest paths. The local tourist bureau has developed excellent maps and several recommended tours for walking/hiking, which are also good for running. It’s best to get more information and a map of the park. Top running recommendations:

Great Ķemeri  Boardwalk. Loop of up to 3.5 km along this boardwalk, with great views of the bog and lots of birdwatching opportunities. Information.

Sloka Lake Walking Trail. Loop of 3 km or as long as 12 km. Forests and lakeshore. Information & Map.

Dune Run. Up to 14 km circular route, through and around dunes, and some forested sections. 2/3 gravel roads, 1/3 paved roads. Information & Map.

Valguma Lake. A ‘barefoot path’, numerous bike paths, and numerous other lakeside and forested paths that are great for running.

Ķemeri Spa Tour. A ‘runseeing’ tour of the town of Ķemeri, which was a grand spa retreat in the Soviet era. Interesting buildings and history. Information and Map.


  • Depends on route chosen
  • Train: to Ķemeri station

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  • Depends on route chosen
  • Train: to Ķemeri station