Riga, Latvia

Jūrmala: Beach, ‘Runseeing’, & Forest Parks!

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This resort city on the Gulf of Riga, located 15 km west of Riga, is known for its beach, seaside villas, and Soviet area sanatoriums. It’s a worthwhile trip to visit or enjoy via exploratory run. Rather than map a specific route, here are some recommended spots for running:

The Beach! You can run for many km along wide and long Jūrmala Beach. with its excellent firm sand. Numerous beach access points.

Jūrmala Center. We’ve put together a nice 5 km tour of Jūrmala Center, starting at the Tourist Information Office. Run along the main commercial street, the pedestrian Jormas iela, for 1 km to the Globe. Then do a ~1 km tour of Dzintari Forest Park (observation tower with nice views), and then return along Jūras iela, with its lovely homes. MAP

Pumpuri Area. Enjoy some of the pretty streets around this residential area just west of the center. For a long, flat run along a tree-lined streets featuring art nouveau homes, run along Dubultu prospekts and loop around to Strēlnieku prospekts. A tram runs along here, allowing for a one-way run. MAP

Multi-Use Path toward Riga. From the water park, a multi-use path heads east for 13 km toward Riga. See this route.

Nearby Forest Parks. Numerous nearby forest parks, with several km of trails.

  • Drive from Riga or can be reached by train from Riga

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  • Drive from Riga or can be reached by train from Riga