Albuquerque, NM

Rio Grande Nature Center Bosque Loop

The Rio Grande Nature Center State Park is on the Rio Grande bike trail, 7 miles north of the Hispanic Cultural Center. There are exhibits within the park detailing the wildlife, plants and history of the area. It’s a great place to learn, as well as to exercise. The Visitor Center in the park even has an observation room, overlooking the geese and birds that inhabit the 3 acre pond within the area. A hundred meters beyond the visitor center, the bike path stretches to the north and south. The route we’ve detailed is just beyond the bike path, where a soft surface loop within the Bosque nature center provides great views of the wildlife and the Rio Grande. The loop is popular for many runners, as a warm-up before a tempo run along the Rio Grande bike path.



  • 2.2 mile loop
  • Flat, but note is starts at 5,000 feet
  • Rio Grande Nature Cnter