Rochester, NY

Erie Canal Path

Many runners have enjoyed sections of the 360 mile Erie Canal Heritage Trail. The canal dates back to 1822, a path along it is now heavily used for recreation – running, walking, biking, and so on. The trail runs in and near Rochester, for 78 miles between Newark and Medina, connecting several of Rochester’s surrounding towns, especially the “Canal Towns” of Newark, Fairport, Pittsford, Spencerport, and Brockport. The surface is paved in parts and gravel in others. It’s generally flat and a pleasure for running. It is possible to run on both sides of the path in many sections.

We have links to the trail, as well as distances between sections, from Brockport in the west to  to Fairport in the east.  Some of the nicest sections are the 10 miles between Lock 33 and Fairport.

From Brockport in the West, to Fairport in the East, in miles:

4.7   Adams Basin, Washington St.
7.2   Spencerport, S. Union St.
10.1  Greece Canal Park
14.5  Rt. 390
15.8  Rt. 490
19.2  Genesee Valley Park – Intersection w/Genesee River Trail
21.0  I-590/390 and connect to Brighton Town Park
23.3  Lock 33 Canal Park
24.7  Lock 32 Canal Park
26.4  Pittsford – Main St.
28.0 Great Embankment Park
29.7  I-490
33.3  Fairport – Main St.

  • 50+ miles in & around Rochester. See link to trail detail and section distances
  • fairly flat
  • Depends on section chosen
  • Many access points and parking areas