Maine: Mid-Coast

Rockport Main Streets

Rockport is the smaller cousin of Rockland (to the south) and Camden, which is 2 miles north. We’ve put together a route highlighting the prettiest streets of central Rockport and its pretty harbor. Start (or end!) your run at the 3 Dogs Cafe. Do a little jaunt around School St./Sea St. Elm St., and then run for ~1 mile north on Pascal Ave., past the Marine Park, to Main St. Follow the waterfront on Main St. and then Central St., past the Rockport Opera House. TURN RIGHT on Mechanic St., following Rockport Harbor until Beauchamp Point Rd. This is our turnaround point.

For the return, vary it by going RIGHT on Union St., LEFT on Summer St., and then RIGHT on Main St. Take successive LEFTs on Camden, Rt. 1 (Commercial St.), and Pleasant St.

  • 3.5 miles
  • 151 feet
  • 3 Dogs Cafe, Commercial St.
  • Parking available