Rome, Italy

Anzio: Paths Along the Tyrrenhian Sea.

Known for its idyllic Terranean seaside, Anzio is a popular day-trip destination from Rome, and is accessible via a roughly 1 hour car or train ride. The best place for running here is along the waterfront. Heading north from Anzio, a wide concrete and brick sidewalk runs alongside a Via Ardeatina for 4 km. To the south, run along the path paralleling Riviera Zanardelli for 2 km. In all, there are 6 km of pleasant waterside paths with nice views of the Tyrrenhian Sea.

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  • Up to 6 km (3.8 miles) one-way
  • 106 feet
  • Via Fanciulla d’Anzio
  • Via Fanciulla d’Anzio. Anzio is a 1-hour train ride from Rome