San Diego, CA

Balboa Park

Balboa Park is gorgeous, featuring 65 miles of trails through beautiful gardens, groves, and some important San Diego sights such as the Zoo, and several museums. There are many options for running, such as more developed trails by the sites to more wooded routes. The included map has lots of details on all the trails. he routes are clearly marked with color coded, numbered signs, which inform users of the distance, degree of difficulty and change of route direction. There are 19 trails that lead from 5 gateways in the Park.

Highlights are the the #2 trail (4.1 miles) which leads you through the park’s exquisite museums and gardens, or the #33 trail loop (3.7 miles) that runs through Florida Canyon’s Native Plant Preserve. There are multiple access points, including one on 6th Ave. The park is about 1.5 miles from downtown. If you love botanical gardens, see Sproutable’s guide to the best botanical gardens (Balboa Park is #4!).

Map of Park Trails  Info on Hiking & Biking Trails   Sproutable Best Botanical Gardens
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  • Various Distances