San Juan, Puerto Rico

Parque Luis Muñoz Rivera

This public park, adjacent to the Puerto Rico Supreme Court, features a variety of walkways where you can piece together a pretty good distance run. It also links up with an absolutely lovely green-painted bike path which will take you all the way out to Puente Dos Hermanos. You can combine this path with the path in Parque del Tercer Milenio for just over two miles of road free running. Plus, you’ll get a good look at the beaches and waterfront from Punta del Escambron. There’s a quarter mile running track next to Parque Luis Muñoz Rivera.

Add-On: Combine this with the Ashford Avenue run to Condado, and the lagoon loop.

Ashford Ave. & Lagoon Loop
  • 1.9 mile looop; Can be combined with Ashford Ave./Lagoon Loop
  • 62 feet
  • Supreme Court
  • Juan Ponce de Leon