Sandusky & Lake Erie Shores, OH

Cedar Point – Runs, Thrills, and Chills

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Here’s a unique run: take in gorgeous lake views on one side, while watching the screams emanating from some some of the world’s most intense roller coasters. Cedar Point, located just across the bridge from Sandusky, is home to the Cedar Point Amusement Park, the self-proclaimed ‘Roller Coaster Capital of the World’. If you’re looking for a diversion while friends and family are at the amusement park, or for a pre- or post- coaster run, the park’s location on Cedar Point Beach offers some scenic and enjoyable running. You can run there from downtown Sandusky, but it’s a not that pleasant 2 miles along 1st St. just to get to the Cedar Point Dr. bridge. We recommend starting a run from one of the parking lots at Cedar Point. Here are our running suggestions (which can be mixed & matched as you wish).

Cedar Point Rd. Bridge. Google Street View

Cedar Point Rd. From the main parking lot, it’s a very pleasant run for 3.5 miles along Cedar Point Rd. There are nice views of Lake Erie and some attractive homes. The road doesn’t have a particularly good shoulder/sidewalk, but there’s not much traffic. You can also run for 1 mile across each of the two bridges — Cedar Point Rd. at the southern end and the Cedar Point Dr. bridge at the Sandusky end. This would make for a total of up to 13.7 miles out and back. We can’t recommend a full bridge-to-bridge loop, as it would require a long section on unpleasant Highway 6.

Perimeter Rd. Google Street View

Roller Coaster Run (!). From the Cedar Point parking lot, it’s 2 miles along Perimeter Rd., passing the attractive Cedar Point Marina, to Lighthouse Point and then Cedar Point. One one side of you is a great view of Lake Erie, and on the other side, catch glimpses of the iconic roller coasters: Gemini, Steel Vengeance, and so on. The road has a decent shoulder. For a loop, return on the mile-long Cedar Point Beach. It’s a wide beach with soft sand, but can be firm enough for running right near the water. As an alternative, you can also use Cedar Point Midway/Cedar Point Blvd. and some of the paths around the perimeter of the Park.

  • Cedar Point Rd. is up to 7 miles including the two bridges; Amusement Park perimeter is ~4 miles
  • Flat
  • One of the parking lots on Cedar Point
  • Best to start on Cedar Point. You can run there from downtown Sandusky but it's a not very pleasant 2 miles.