Santa Fe, NM

Atalaya Mountain

Local experts describe Atalaya Mountain as “crazy steep,” so it should only be attempted by experienced trail runners. However, due to its impressive summit views and close proximity to town, Atalaya is one of the most popular trails in the Santa Fe region. It’s worth including as a hardcore run for anyone seeking a challenge, or a nice hike to help acclimate visiting runners to the elevation. And there will be elevation! From the start of the trail near St. John’s college, the trail climbs 2000 vertical feet in three miles to the summit. (Fun for running down too, if you can keep control of your feet). Just be cognizant of the elevation and know when to say when — there’s no shame in breaking your stride at elevations of this caliber!

  • 3 miles
  • 2000 feet
  • St. John's College
  • The Route M bus will bring you close to the starting point at St. John’s college.