Santa Fe, NM

Santa Fe River Trail

Wikimedia Commons: John Phelan

While runners in Santa Fe admit the river trail is still a little disconnected, it’s worth including as a short run (and a promising longer route in the future). Following the Greenway along the Santa Fe River, the path is currently 5.6 paved but non-contiguous miles. Eventually, it will include 15 miles of paved continuous path, comprised of parks and trails along the Santa Fe River. Until that day, the nicest section is right downtown, between Frenchy’s Field Park (to the west) and East Santa Fe River Park (to the east), a stretch of 4.5 miles along paths and sidewalks.

From downtown, it’s 3 miles west to Frenchy’s Field Park and 1.5 miles east to East Santa Fe River Park.

Starting at Frenchy’s Field is ideal because you will end your route closer to town. From Frenchy’s, head northwest on the path towards Santa Fe River road. Continue through several small parks until you reach the Alto Youth Center, where you will cross under Route 285. Here, there is a really nice stretch through Footbridges Park, before you cross Guadalupe into Devargas Park. Devargas continues along a nice green corridor before it turns into Patrick Smith Park, which can be your ending or turn around point.

  • 4.5 miles one-way
  • 411 feet
  • West: Frenchy’s Field Park; East: East Santa Fe River Park.
  • Both ends of the finished section of the trail are easily accessed from town.