Sarasota, FL

Ringling Bridge and Area

Probably the most dramatic run in the Sarasota area is over the Ringling Bridge, which extends past the Sarasota Bay, from Sarasota to St. Armand’s Key and Lido Key. Named for John Ringling, best known as one of the founders of the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus, who was once a resident of the Sarasota area, it is the third bridge on this site.

We’ve mapped 7.2 miles from Marina Plaza to Longboat Key, including a ~1 mile loop to Bayfront Park. The main bridge run starts at Marina Plaza, and is 2 miles to St. Armands, including a little jaunt out to Golden Gate Point. There are great views of the bay and surrounding waters from the wide path separated from the road. There are also some opportunities for some firm sand beach running here: 1 mile on Lido Key, and several miles on Longboat Key.

There are several opportunities to run to enjoy some other spots while on this run. A few distances, one-way:

  • 1 mile from Marina Plaza to Bird Key Point
  • 2 miles to St. Armands Key
  • 3 miles to Mote Marine Aquarium/City Island
  • 5.2 miles to Longboat Key and the end of the Longboat Key Golf Club

Add-Ons: 1 mile to end of South Lido County Park from St. Armands Circle—can be on the beach here in the right conditions. There’s also a nice 1 mile jaunt from Marina Plaza to Bayfront Park, or 2 miles to the Botanical Gardens, along a pretty waterfront path.


  • 4 miles from Marina Plaza to St. Armands. Many options to add on
  • Flat, but a bit of elevation on bridge
  • Marina Plaza is a good spot to start
  • Marina Plaza, Bayfront Park