Savannah, GA

River St. and Talmadge Bridge

There is no dedicated ‘run’ along the Savannah side of the Savannah River. However, as a standalone or in combination with other runs in Savannah, it is pleasant to run along River St., which is commercial/touristy area along the river. There is a wide sidewalk, with great views of the river and Hutchison Island. Lots of shops, restaurants, hotels. The best section is the 1.2 miles between the Savannah Marriott Hotel and the Talmadge Memorial Bridge. To add some exercise and get the thighs burning, there are the historic stairs at the Hyatt Hotel than run up from River St.

It is also possible to run over the bridge itself. This is great to run early, in times of little traffic, and to enjoy the beautiful sunrise and great water views. With a 5.5% grade rising nearly 200 feet, it’s one of the few opportunities in Savannah to get some elevation in. There is no dedicated sidewalk, but there is a reasonably wide shoulder. Best to run on the side against traffic. It is 1.7 miles from the bridge ramp off W. Oglethorpe Ave. to Hutchison Island. You can also run nearly another mile to cross the Little Black River.

A couple of options here: run out and back across the bridge. Or, take the off-ramp (carefully!) at Hutchison Island onto Savannah Harbor Parkway, and run along the parkway (good sidewalk) to the Westin Hotel, which is adjacent to the golf course. It is a total of 4 miles one-way between the Marriott and the Westin! A good option for a one-way run is to take the ferry back – it runs frequently between the Westin, the Marriott, and the Hyatt. Our route map is from the Marriott to the Westin, one-way.

Ferry Schedule
  • 4 miles one way. Options to do out and back including just the bridge.
  • Flat - except some elevation going up and over the bridge
  • Marriott Hotel on River St., Savannah. Or, Westin hotel across the water.