Shenzen, China

Shenzen Bay Boardwalk

The Shenzen Bay Boardwalk is the most scenic, longer run in Shenzen. One can run for 10.6 km from the Hongshuin Nature Preserve, west to Shenzhen Bay Bridge at Wanghai Rd.  There are great views of Shenzen Bay, the Hong Kong mountains, and the bridge that leads from Shenzen to Hong Kong. At the eastern end, there’s a nice landscaped park an exit to the Oct Bay Happy Mall.

Key Distances – From East to West, starting at Hongshuin Nature Preserve (km/mi):

North Bay Harbor (Northeast Gate): 5k/3.1m
Liuhuashan: 6.8/4.2
Shenzhenwan Park: 8.0/5.0
View Bridge Park: 9.6/6.0
Wanghai Rd.: 10.6/6.6

  • 10.6 km (6.6 miles) one-way
  • Flat
  • East End: Hongshuin Nature Preserve; West End: Shenzhen Bay Bridge at Wanghai Rd.
  • Metro Line 9 at Shenzhen Bay Park station, Exit C