Silicon Valley, CA

San Jose Area: Los Gatos Creek Trail

This is a nearly 10 mile paved bicycle and running path that starts 3 miles south of San Jose and continues south into the hills of Los Gatos. There are options to run on either side of the creek in parts (west side paved, east side unpaved). There are mile markers. From north to south, the trail runs through Campbell Park (3 blocks from downtown Cambpell), Los Gatos Creek Park, Vascona Lake Park, and downtown Los Gatos, and then travels 3 miles gently into the hills, ending at Lexington Reservoir/Dam. It’s a gradual 500 foot climb from north to south. At the southern end, there are connections to the Flume Trail (unpaved) and to Novitiate Park and the St. Joseph’s Hill.

Los Gatos Creek Trail Map


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  • 10 miles ONE-WAY
  • 600 feet
  • Any point. Northern end starts 3 miles south of San Jose on Meridian Ave. near Fruitdale Ave; Southern end at Lexington Reservoir/Dam in Los Gatos at Alma Bridge Rd. just east of Rt. 17