Silicon Valley, CA

Palo Alto Residential

Palo Alto is the ‘center’ of Silicon Valley. In addition to being the home of Stanford University and many high tech company offices, it’s a town with a real center, with tons of shops and restaurants off University Ave., and some beautiful residential areas. One of my favorite runs in Palo Alto is to do a random run through a few of Palo Alto’s toniest residential streets, which feature gorgeous older homes, beautifully manicured lawns, and lovely shade trees. Using University Ave. as your locus point, run the streets as far north as Willow Ave. to the and Oregon Expwy. (~2 miles N-S). It’s from 101 west to Camino Real. The “Professorville” neighborhood is just east of the Stanford Campus and north of Embarcadero. To the south of Embarcadero is “Old Palo Alto”.