New Hampshire: All Routes

Squam Lake/Waterville Valley Area

Sandwich Notch Road: Where Squam Lake rises up to meet the Waterville Valley, the 11-mile “Notch Road” is a dirt road runnin from Route 113 in the center of Sandwich to Route 49 which continues up to the ski resort. It’s a nearly traffic-free hill with a soft surface. And this route is about as rural as they come — in winter, it’s closed to cars except for a series of dog-sled races. If you’re feeling extra-energetic, you can branch off and enjoy one of the many single-track trails that link to the Notch Road. To get there, follow Grove Street north out of Sandwich until it turns into Diamond Ledge Road. Park your car on Grove, and run up Diamond Ledge about two miles. Just after the top of the hill, Diamond Ledge becomes Sandwich Notch Road. If you run all the way to the end of Sandwich Notch, you’ll gain 900 feet of elevation in a little over five miles!

Route Map