Enjoy the pond paths of St. John’s!  Enjoy a 3 km path loop around Long Pond, just north of Memorial University. Utilizes the flat  “Long Pond Walk,” a gravel path around the pond and its tributaries. Start at the trailhead just off Cinch Crescent, and follow the path northeast.

Longer Run Option: Can connect to Kents Pond, which is 1 km away on a walking trail, and do a loop around Kents Pond and even Kennys Pond Park, for up to a 5k total add-on loop. All connected via trails and paths around the ponds. Can also combine with Quidi Vidi Lake loop.

  • Long Pond Loop: 3 km (1.8 miles); Kents Pond & Kennys Pond Park: Adds 5 km, for 8 km total
  • Short run: 35 feet; Long run: 130 feet
  • Clinch Crescent
  • Clinch Crescent/Faculty of Medicine Bus Stop