This classic path along the Neckar River Valley is a beloved cycling destination, with over 367 km of trail between Stuttgart and the junction with the Rhine River in Mannheim. It’s also a great running spot for visitors to Stuttgart, due to its proximity to the city and easy access. We’ve mapped a route 13 km loop that starts in central Stuttgart, at the Mercedesstraße station, north to Max-Eyth-See, located along the river in Hofen. This large reclaimed quarry is now an expansive lake park, with miles of paved paths and a 3.6 km loop that’s included in our route.

For a longer river run, you can head south of Mercedesstraße to the near the Untertürkheim station (2.75 km), passing the Mercedes Benz Museum, Festwiese Starium, and Necker Park. Several of our other Stuttgart routes are also nearby, which can be combined for a longer run.

  • Options up to 13 km (8 miles)
  • 35 meters (114 feet)
  • Untertürkheim (or any point north along the river)
  • Untertürkheim U Station