Sun Valley, ID

Sun Valley Trail Loop

Flickr: Nicolás Boullosa

The Sun Valley Trail is a mostly paved multi-use path that runs alongside Elkhorn Rd. for 4.4 miles, with views of Dollar Mountain and Elkhorn as you head south. Run any length you like. We’ve also created a longer loop run that incorporates the entire Sun Valley Trail, then uses the Wood River Trails to head back north.

The Sun Valley Trail starts at the intersection of Dollar Rd. & Elkhorn Rd., near the base of Dollar Mountain. Head south on the trail, reaching Elkhorn Village after 1.5 miles. The end of the Sun Valley Trail is at 4.4 miles, where it intersects with Highway 75. For the return, cross Highway 75 and use the Wood River Trails multi-use path heading north for 2.7 miles, intersecting again with Highway 75 just north of Ketchum. Use Saddle Rd. and Dollar Rd. to complete the 8.5 km loop. (Shorter option: use Main St./4th St./Sun Valley Rd. off Wood River Trail, saves ~ 1 mile).  Some rolling hills, but nothing too steep.




  • Sun Valley Trail is 4.4 miles one-way. Our loop option is 8.5 miles (13.6 km), though 1 mile can be saved with shorter option
  • 586 feet (181m)
  • Intersection of Dollar Rd. & Elkhorn Rd.