Sydney, Australia

Chipping Norton Lake

Flickr: charlotteinaustralia

The area around Chipping Norton Lake, located about 30 km southwest of the Sydney CBD, is a bucolic spot to enjoy for a run. There are a number of pathways along and around the lake, which is more a series of waterways. There is no seamless ‘path around the lake’, rather a series of multi-use paths on the north and south sides.

South Side: Best bet for a run is the path along the lake, from South Park to Heron Park. It’s 3.3 km one-way, passing through Angle Park and Homestead Park. A pleasant greenway, with some sections right along the water.

North Side: An enjoyable run along the northern side of the water, passing through parks, wetlands, and preserves. For a 10.8 km loop, start in Irelands Bridge Reserve, and run east to Coot Island. The full loop is nearly 11 km. Several parks, some good water views, and a couple of more rugged sections.

  • North Side: 11 km (6.8 miles) out and back; South Side: 6.6 km (4.1 miles) out and back
  • North side: 38m (125 feet); South side is flat
  • Depends on route chosen
  • Car needed to get to this area