Sydney, Australia

Cremorne Point Loop

Courtesy: Pixabay

This is an opportunity to do a quick, hilly 4 km loop of one of Sydney’s numerous coves and the attractive Cremorne Point lookout at the Robertsons Point Lighthouse. There’s a waterfront path the while way, with water and Sydney skyline views, and some interesting homes and buildings. It’s also straightforward! Start at Cremorne Reserve, and run along the western side of Cremore Point on the paved path. The 0.3 km section down to the lookout has tougher footing, and might require walking. Then, curl back along the eastern side of the point to Hunts Lookout, and take a right to get to the Mosman Rowers club. Turn back around, using Hodgsons Ave. for 1 km to return to the start. Note: this is a hilly loop — 83m over 4km, but only one short, steep section.

  • 4 km (2.5 miles) loop
  • 83m (270 feet)
  • Crenmore Reserve at Bogota Ave.
  • Bus #225: Milson Rd.