Sydney, Australia

Darling Harbor, Blackwattle Bay, Glebe Foreshore


This is another opportunity to explore central Sydney’s spectacular waterfront. It’s a complement to our main Sydney ‘runseeing’ tour, and can be done in conjunction with it, for a longer run. This route explores the mainly waterfront paths along Darling Harbor, Blackwattle Bay, and the Glebe Foreshore.

Start at Sydney Town Hall and take the Pyrmont Bridge over the Australian National Maritime Museum. There is a wonderful path that weaves around the various quays and wharfs around Darling Harbour and Pyrmont Bay. After 3 km, reach Pirrama Park, and then you’ll have to cross the Anzac Bridge at the 5 km mark, which has a decent path for running across (it’s quite high!). The next 3 km is a lovely path along Blackwattle Bay, to the Glebe Foreshore parks. It’s a dedicated path along the bay, passing through Jubilee Park Playground.

Overall, it’s 8 km one-way — so choose whatever section you like, or incorporate it into a longer run on the eastern side (King St. Wharf), part of our Sydney Sites loop.


  • 8 km (5 miles) one-way
  • 65m (216 feet)
  • Sydney Town Hall
  • Town Hall Station (multiple lines)