Sydney, Australia

Narrabeen Lagoon Trail

Wimimedia Commons

The Narrabeen Lagoon Trail, located in the ‘northern beaches’ part of Sydney, is a lovely spot for an off-road run. The foliage is beautifully lush. It’s an 8.6 km loop around the Narrabeen Lagoon, nearly all off-road, on a wide path, part paved, with some gravel/dirt/boardwalk sections. Some parts are more open, with nice views of the water, while other parts are more shaded terrain. You’ll pass through several parks and preserves. The eastern end of the trail is just a couple of blocks away from Narrabeen Beach.

The ‘Google Maps’ view shows a gap in the trail southwest of Pipeclay point, but our research (and this Australian GIS map) confirms there is a path here. There are also posted maps along the trail.

Add-On: Narrabeen Beach – can be accessed from the eastern part of the Lagoon trail. It’s 4 km long, quite wide, and runnable — but there can be rough surf and conditions can vary.


  • 8.6 km (5.3 miles) loop
  • 50m (165 feet)
  • Middle Creek parking lot, off Wakehurt Pkwy.
  • Car recommended to get there from Sydney, though there is bus service