Sydney, Australia

University of Sydney and Victoria Park

Wikimedia Commons

Another good route just south of the center of Sydney is to create your own run incorporating Victoria Park and the University of Sydney. Victoria Park features ~2 km of pleasant paved and gravel paths, a lake, and a public pool. It spills over to the University of Sydney, which was built in 1850 and features some spectacular historic buildings. Enjoy running around the paths of the neo-gothic sandstone quad!

We haven’t mapped a specific route here, but suggest you create your own 3-5 km run in this area, even adding on with some pleasant area streets, Camperdown Park, and O’Dea Preserve.

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  • Create your own route, can be ~3-7 km
  • Some modest hills
  • Victoria Park of University Campus
  • Central Station is 1 km north of Victoria Park