Syracuse, NY

Beaver Lake Nature Center

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Beaver Lake Nature Center, located 15 miles northwest of Syracuse, is a worth-it destination run. There are 9 miles of trails around the 200-acre glacial lake, featuring a lovely combination of woods, meadows, and lake views. The Nature Center boasts 200 species of birds and 800 varieties of plans. The lake is also popular for boating.

This trail map shows the numerous loop options. For running, we recommend the 3-mile Lake Loop as the anchor, since most of the other trails and loops come off that. About 3/4 miles of the Lake Loop are on an elevated boardwalk. We also love the 1.5 mile Three Meadows Trail, which comes off the Lake Loop. For a more wooded trail, the 1.4 mile Deep Woods path is recommended.

  • 9 miles of trails. The 3-mile Lake Loop is a good anchor
  • Visitor Center is a good starting point
  • Parking lot at Visitor Center.