Syracuse, NY

Southside Parks Run

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This is a pleasant run in the Southside and Strathmore neighorhoods south of downtown, featuring Onondaga Park, two small reservoir loops, and pleasant residential streets. Start in Onandaga Park, an older style park with landscaped grounds, and numerous recreation facilities. It’s a 100-foot hilly climb to the gazebo and short loop around Hiawatha Lake. Exit the park at the tennis courts and use Summit Ave., heading south to Elmwood Park, enjoying leafy little loop down to Furnace Brook. Next, run some of the nice residential streets of the Southside/Strathmore neighborhoods, which feature tree-lined streets and older homes. Head west on Charmouth Dr., RIGHT on Robineau, then BEAR LEFT on Twin Hills Dr., then the scenic 1-mile loop around Woodland Reservoir. Return to Onandaga Park heading east on Crossett St.

  • 5.1 miles (8.2 km)
  • 440m (140 feet)
  • Onondaga Park
  • Onondaga Park is ~2 miles south of downtown