Tallinn, Estonia

Pirita Tee (Path)

The run to Pirita, the neighborhood to the northeast of Tallinn, is notable for the great views of the Tallinn Bay from the 4 km (one-way) waterfront path. Sure, you’ll be running alongside a busy highway, but pedestrians have their very own lane along the water — making this one of the safest and most popular running spots in the city. On the eastern end, the path ends near the Pirita River Bridge, but you can cross over and check out Pirita Beach (itself runnable, depending on the day!) before turning around to head back towards Tallinn. The west end of the path starts on a side street just off Narva Maantee, so most runners coming from town access it from there, or where Narva Maantee becomes the Pirita Tee near the Russalka Memorial. The eastern end is at the border of the Pirita neighborhood, at the edge of the adventure park. One option is to run ‘inland’ one way, through Kadriorg Park, and the other way along the waterside path.

Add-on: Preserves and woods just inland from the trail. See our Tallinn City Trail Course route for more info on these trails.


  • 4 km (2.5 miles) one way, or 8 km (5 miles) out and back
  • Flat
  • Narva Maantee, 3 km east of the center
  • J. Poska Bus Stop