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Marmaris: Heaven Island (Yildiz Adasi) & National Park

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Although the waterfront path is the highlight of running in Marmaris, there are some good additional options — especially for those who want some hills & challenge.

Heaven Island (Yildiz Adasi). This is an island just off Marmaris, accessed via a road from the Marmaris Yacht Marina. It’s famous for its caves — a top tourist attraction. There’s quite scenic running on the small main road, with lovely foliage and rolling hills rising to scenic water views. Starting near the Marmaris Bay resort, run on the scenic, tiled road across the marina onto the island. A full run on the island on all its roads is 15.6 km. Some options (note: the roads are unnamed):

  • Run to the Marina. After 2.3 km, bear right to head down to the marina/Cook’s Club hotel. Great views as you climb, then at the marina. 3.2 km one-way.
  • Run to end of the road at west end. It’s 5.5 km from the start to the west end of the road. The Seyir terası adaköy (Observation Deck) is at about the 2/3 point. Rolling hills!
  • Run to the Caves. At the intersection where you can go right to the marina or straight to the west end, turn LEFT to head to Nimara Mağarası (the caves). It’s 1.5 km to the end of the road.
  • Full Island Run: A full run on the island on all its roads is 15.6 km (441m gain).

Marmaris National Park. This park is just 6 km from Marmaris, and is a great option for those who’d like some trail running. There are nice paths in dense forests of Turkish pine trees and sweetgum trees. There’s also more rugged hiking/trail running options. Bus access from Marmaris: Catch the pink colored Dolmus (Public Service Vehicle) to Yalancı Boga (gate). Note: There isn’t all that information about this park or any good maps that we could find.











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