Tuscany, Italy

Walls of Lucca

The protective city walls surrounding Lucca were demilitarized during the Napoleonic era, when they became an elegant public space brimming with forest, trees, and of course — walkways. The best place for running in Lucca is the paved path along the top of the wall, which goes for nearly 5 km, and it’s a popular spot for running. You’ll also get a nice tour of the city and a panorama of the gorgeous surrounding scenery. Start at any point along the perimeter, but the Porta San Pietro is an easy to find landmark right when you get off the train. You can also find gym equipment along the way, and a Parkrun (a free 5 km race) on Saturday mornings. Note: Can get crowded — best to go early! 

Thanks to Go! Running Tours Florence for their help planning this run. Check them out for more information on running tours in Tuscany.

  • 4.2 km (2.6 mile) loop
  • 40 meters
  • Porta San Pietro
  • Lucca Train Station