Valencia, Spain

Turia Gardens and Cabecera Park

Turia Gardens is Valencia’s pride and joy when it comes to running routes. This green space, which curls around the dry river in the center of the city, includes over 9 kilometers of paths which are easily accessible from almost anywhere in town. Thanks to the Trinidad Alfonso Foundation, an official “Turia Gardens 5K Circuit” was introduced two years ago, with specialized pavement to soften impact for runners.

The adjacent Cabecera park is a quiet respite from other downtown beaches and streets.

Parque de Cabecera

The park covers over a kilometer of the former bed of the River Turia and includes a small hill with good views. The route through Cabecera meets up with Turia park, so you can combine the routes for a longer run, or do the 2.4 kilometres of Cabecera on its own. This circular route begins at 9 d’Octubre bridge, and is mostly soil, although you can bring some concrete and wood paths into the loop to expand your mileage. Overall, it’s a scenic short run, and the perfect pair for a strength training day since you can utilize the ramps, steps, and other equipment in the park.

Add-On: Jardines del Real – Viveros Gardens. Lovely spot just north of Turia Gardens. It’s 1 km from one end of the park to the other.

  • 5k (3.1 miles) with longer options
  • small hill in Cabecera Park
  • Anywhere on the Turia Gardens Circuit
  • Turia Gardens is the most accessible run in Valencia and can be reached from multiple transit stations.