Los Angeles: North to Santa Barbara

Ventura River & Ojai Valley Trail

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One of the best opportunities for a long off-road run north of Los Angeles is to choose a section of the Ventura River/Ojai Valley trail. A paved multi-use trail starts in downtown Ventura, and runs for 5.5 miles east to Foster Park, gently rising 200 feet. This section of the trail is called the Ventura River Trail (Ojai Valley Trail Extension). From Foster Park, the trail continues for another 6 miles through Casita Springs and Oakview, ending in Mira Monte. This section is a bit hillier with a slightly steeper grade.

The terrain is a mix of open and exposed, with views of the hills surrounding the Ojai Valley, to some wooded and riverbed sections.

  • Up to 11.5 miles (18.5 km) one-way
  • 775 feet (232m) for full trail. It's a gradual climb from Ventura to Ojai.
  • Downtown Ventura or other point along trail
  • Ventura trailhead is off Dubbers St.