Victoria, BC

Dallas Road Waterfront Trail

The Dallas Road Waterfront Trail is one of the signature places to run in Victoria. Beautiful waterfront running on a dedicated path, with views to the water and the Olympic Peninsula and its snow-capped mountains. We have mapped the length of Dallas Rd., which runs 5.9 km one-way from Fisherman’s Wharf to Hollywood Crescent. A dedicated walking path away from the road, and the most spectacular section, is the  4 km from Holland Point Park, east to Hollywood Crescent. You’ll pass the Mile Zero Monument of the Trans-Canada Highway, the southern end of Beacon Hill Park, Spiral Beach, Clover Point, and the Ross Bay Cemetery. Key segment distances, from Fisherman’s Wharf heading southeast, in km:

0.6 km:  Ogden Point
1.5 km:   Holland Point Park
2.6 km:  Mile Zero Monument/Beacon Hill Park
3.6 km:  Spiral Beach
4.4 km:  Clover Point
5.9 km:  End of Dallas Rd.

Add-Ons: 1 km out and back along Ogden Point. Paths of Beacon Hill Park. Or continue north for miles, onto Beach Rd. From Fisherman’s Wharf at the north end, follow our Inner Harbour route, where you can also connect to the Songhees Walkway across the Johnston St. Bridge.

  • 5.9 km (3.7 miles) for the entire Dallas Rd., one-way; The dedicated path is ~4 km from Holand Point Park, south
  • 75 feet
  • North End: Fisherman's Wharf or Holland Point Park; Southeast End: Hollywood Crescent
  • parking along route and in Dallas Rd.