Wichita, KS

Arkansas River Path

The banks of the mighty Arkansas river are one of the top running destinations in Wichita, with a wide, paved multi-use path stretching roughly 10 miles along the city’s waterfront. The path runs through a number of Wichita’s main parks, starting in the north at Big Arkansas River Park. It’s possible to run on either side of the river for about 3 miles between West 14th Street North bridge and West Lewis Drive. Around 8.5 miles, it crosses the John Mack Bridge and goes along the east side of the river to end at Garvey Park. The Keeper of the Plains is an attractive pedestrian bridge at the mid-way point of the path and provides a good connection to Old Town.

Popular parking and access points along the way include 21st Street, the Westside Athletic Fields, Exploration Place, Old Cowtown Museum, Mclean Boulevard, OJ Watson Park, and Galena Street. Key distances from West 21st St:

0 Miles — West 21st Street North Parking

2 Miles — West 13th Street North Bridge

4 Miles — West Side Athletic Fields Parking

4.5 Miles — Keeper of the Plains Bridge (pedestrian bridge, good connection to Old Town)

5 Miles — Exploration Place Parking

6 Miles — West Lincoln Street Bridge

8 Miles — OJ Watson Park

10 Miles — Garvey Park

  • Up to 10 miles (16 km) - Do as much as you like!
  • 370 feet over the whole path
  • Anywhere on waterfront
  • Anywhere on waterfront