Wilmington, DE

Riverwalk and Jack A. Markell Trail

Flickr: likeaduck

One of the best running options in the downtown area of Wilmington is the Riverwalk section of the Jack A. Markell Trail, which covers a 1.5 mile section on the north side of the Christina River. Start at Tubman Garret Riverfront Park, where a statue commemorates Harriet Tubman, the most famous “conductor” on the Underground Railroad. Head west along the Riverwalk, which is a pleasant promenade with great views of the river (bonus: lit at night), passing the Children’s Museum, Convention Center, and numerous bars and restaurants.

The Jack A. Markell Trail continues past the Riverwalk at the DuPont Environmental Education Center, heading west through the Russell Peterson Wildlife Refuge. This 1 mile section mainly on a scenic wooden boardwalk, with good water and wildlife views. The trail continues for another 1.2 miles south, along a more remote (and not always attractive) section. The entire trail is 4.2 miles one-way — choose as much as you like!

Add-Ons: For a longer run, connect through downtown to Brandywine Park and our route there.

  • Trail is 4.2 miles (6.7 km) one-way
  • 96 feet (one-way)
  • Tubman Garret Riverfront Park
  • Parking in area