Women’s Race Phoenix

“In the bleak landscape of 2020, when nearly all races were cancelled, I discovered that the Women’s Race Phoenix was still going to be held as a live event on November 22nd. This involved a 700-mile round trip from my home in southern California, but it was worth every mile. The race was held in the beautiful Rio Vista Park in Peoria, Arizona, along the New River, with rugged desert mountains in the background. The announcer, the energetic music, the aid stations, the jubilant runners in tutus waving a friendly “hello” – after over 9 months of nothing but lonely virtual races, it was so fantastic to line up (though safely distanced) at a real live start line and experience all the elements of a live race. I considered sharing the one photo where I briefly took off my facemask, but I look like I am about to cry, because…I am about to cry, with the joy of experiencing such a rare and precious opportunity. Instead, I’ll share one where I manage a smile, albeit under my mask, showing off my most meaningful race medal of all time.” —Tracy Z.

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