Zanzibar, Tanzania

Zanzibar Beaches for Running

Creative Commons: Niceley

Zanzibar is famous for its white sand beaches. Some of them are excellent for running — wide, with firm sand. One thing to know about beach running on Zanzibar is that there’s a dramatic difference between high and low tide. The beaches below are great for running around low tide, but most of the beach gets eaten up at high tide. Here are our recommendations on the best beaches for running on Zanzibar.   TIDE CHART

Public Beach, Zanzibar City. About 1 km of decent beach for running.

Nungwi Beach. This white sand beach at the Nyngwi Village at northern end of Zanzibar is lovely for running. There’s about 1 km of fairly wide beach, and another ~1 km of narrower beach where running is more tidally dependent. This beach is only really decent for running at low ride.

Matemwe Beach. On the northeast coast. Use Matemwe Village as an anchor. Several km of beach that’s great for running.
Kiwenga Beach. A longer and less crowded series of beaches, located on the northeast coast between the villages of Pongwe and Pwani Mchangani. Wide, flat, and wonderfully firm sand. Some 8-10 km of beach is great for running, basically from Pongwe headed north.
Uroa Beach. Just a few km south of Pongwe, Uroa Beach is another wide, white sand beach that’s good for running. ~3-4 km, depending on tides.
Dongwe & Bwejuu Area.  Many km of beaches on the southeast part of the island, from Dongwe headed south. Similar in nature & runnability to the other east coast beaches.
  • Depends on beach chosen. Kiwenga Beach is the longest and most continuous
  • Flat

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  • Depends on beach chosen. Kiwenga Beach is the longest and most continuous
  • Flat