Zurich, Switzerland

Greifen Lake (Greifensee)

Arguably one of the best places for running is in the area around the Greifen Lake (Greifensee). The paved paths, mainly closed to cars, follow the perimeter of the lake, with great views of the lake and the Alps in the distance. The full loop around the lake is 11.5 miles (18.5 km), but runners and walkers can of course choose any out and back distance. Greifen Lake is located east of Zurich and is a little bit further afield, but is only 30 minutes via the S14 train from Zurich city center. It is a short run or walk from the train station to the lake shore.

  • Any distance out and back. Full perimeter loop is 18.5 km (11.5 miles)
  • 271 feet (full perimeter loop)
  • Greifensee
  • S14 train line, Greifensee station (30 min. from central Zurich)