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Athens Seaside: Faliro to Voula

The marina of Flisvos offers a wonderful seaside path. One can head north to the Peace and Friendship Stadium, about 5km (3.1 miles).  In the area there are lots of  shops, cafes, restaurants and an open air cinema (open during the summer months). This is the route for the the popular Poseidonios Half Marathon.

Another great option is to head south on the seaside path, to Glyfada and Voula. There is a path along the road for part of the route, and an off-road path in sections. It is 6 miles (9km) from Flisvos Marina to Glyfada and 7.3 miles (11.7 km) to Voula.At the southern end, near Voula, is Aliki Point.   There are numerous beaches (notably PalairoFaliro Beach, just south of the marina) beach clubs, and swim clubs along the way. There are also opportunities to get off the path and down marinas and piers. One does have to negotiate with the street, tram lines, and so on in a couple of sections.

One of the benefits of this route is that the tram runs alongside the route, allowing for a one way and take the tram back!  One can get to Flisvos Marino on the tram or train. The metro serves Faliro (Stadium).









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  • 5 km beteween Flisvos and Faliro; 11.7 km from Flisvos to Voula
  • flat
  • Flisvos Marina or Faliro are good starting points
  • Can take the tram from the central Syntagma station. There is a train station there. Metro goes to Faliro