Lisbon, Portugal

Estádio Universitário de Lisboa

Estádio Universitário de Lisboa (EUL for short) is a sports complex with large green spaces accessible to everyone right in one of Lisbon’s busiest areas. It was born to serve the academic community that is established in that area of the city and to provide students and teaching staff with affordable access to sports facilities. There’s an indoor pool, full gym facilities, and a tennis center.

For runners, there are 100 acres of  signed trails, tracks, and green spaces. There’s a good synthetic running track. One can put together a ~ 3 km run within the complex, and a few additional km if one includes the adjoining university paths, and the lovely Jardim de Campo Grande, whose paths run nearly 1 mile north-south.

  • The trails are ~3 km but several additioal km if one adds the university paths, and the Jardim
  • Anywhere on campus
  • Metro: Entre Campos or Cidade Universitária (Am line)