Aarhus, Denmark

‘Runseeing’ Aarhus

RUNI Photopop, Visit Aarhus

Aarhus has a number of great park and forest paths, but that doesn’t mean runners should ignore the lovely downtown area of Aarhus center. This pedestrian friendly city makes “runseeing” the main tourist attractions easy with park paths, nice sidewalks, and car-free streets.

We recommend starting out near Dokk 1 Cultural Center on the waterfront. Runners can loop north along the water to see the Dome of Visions, then return to the mouth of the Aarhus River by Dokk 1. Turn LEFT along the Aboulevarden path along the river, and continue west until reaching Molleparken and the Kunsthal Aarhus Museum. Loop through this lovely green park and the surrounding residences of Mollestein before crossing the bridge to the south side of the river. Take Vester Alle past ARoS Art Museum and into Radhusparken for a look at the modern clock tower of City Hall, then continue east to Ryesgade. Follow the pedestrian-only Ryesgade and Sondergade (Stroget) through the rows of shops until it returns to the river. Turn LEFT, cross the river at the fifth bridge, and run up Emil Vetts Passage to the stunning Klosterkirken Tower. At the southeast corner of the lawn, take the Vestergade walkway east to the Aarhus Cathedral. Use Bispetorvet to return to the waterfront and Dokk 1 for a round trip of 5.7 km. 

Add-Ons: Easy to add on with some of our other routes downtown.

  • 5.7 km (3.5 mile) loop
  • 28 meters (92 feet)
  • Dokk 1
  • Dokk 1 Bus/Light Rail Station