Abu Dhabi, UAE

Best Beaches For Running in Abu Dhabi

Flickr: Guilhem Vellut

Abu Dhabi is known for its long, wide beaches along the Arabian Gulf Sea. For the most part, the beaches in Abu Dhabi feature soft sand, making it a bit tough for running. Close to the water’s edge, the sand can be firmer, which is more favorable for running. Some of the best beaches for running in Abu Dhabi (minimum 3 km long):

Saadiyat Islands. The beach here is up to 9 km long and very wide. Sand is soft, but some firm sand near water’s edge. The Louvre Abu Dhabi is located at the western end of the island.

Corniche Beach. Another popular beach in Abu Dhabi. Imported white sand makes this beach especially pretty. The beach is nearly 8 km long. At the western end is Marina Mall Emirates Hotel area. There’s also the famed Corniche Promenade that runs between Abu Dhabi’s city centre and the sea. Main entrance is off Al Khaleej Al Arabi Street.

Al Raha Beach. Very wide beach stretches for ~4 km, with views of the iconic Aldar Headquarters Building.

Yas Beach. Flickr: Studio Sarah Lou

Al Bateen Beach. Located on the southern part of Abu Dhabi. The beach is 8 km long, and quieter. Although there are nice views of Hudariyat Bridge and Hudariyat Island, the beach itself is not as pretty as some of the other Abu Dhabi beaches.

Sir Bani Yas Island. Accessed via ferry, Sir Bani Yas Island features a wildlife park and some good beaches for running. Longer section on the western side of the island — use Desert Islands Resort Spa and run southwest. At the eastern end of the island is Sir Bani Yas Cruise Ship Beach, and some nice running along the crescent around the Welcome Center/Big Mosque/ferry terminal.

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