Abu Dhabi, UAE

Umm Al Emarat Park

Courtesy: www.abudhabi.com

Umm Al Emarat Park is one of the few parks in Abu Dhabi that is large enough for a dedicated run. This spacious green area, located in the upscale Al Mushrif part of the city, features a shade house, botanic garden, amphitheater and a large open lawn. A path around the perimeter of the park is about 1.8 km, so it’s a good place to do some loops. A fitness center is located at the eastern end of the park as well. Note: Opening hours 8am-12am, admission of AED 5 required.

Add-Ons: Just west of the park are the Al Mushrif Garden, and grounds of the Al Mushrif Palace and Al Bateen Palace. The area also has some quieter side streets, location of numerous embassies.

  • Loop around paths is ~1.8 km.
  • Flat
  • In park