Accra, Ghana

Aburi Botanical Gardens

Creative Commons: Nkansahrexford

The Aburi Botanical Gardens, located 30 km north of Accra, are a worth-it destination for a run. The gardens date back to 1890 and feature lovely palm-lined roads and paths that are lovely to explore on foot. A highlight is the beautifully lined royal palm trees on both sides of the road leading to the car park. Much of the gardens are set aside as a preserve, but there are enough roads & paths that can be stitched together for a verdant, scenic 3-4 km run. The 1200 foot elevation and noticeably cooler weather is another attraction of the Gardens.

The area adjacent to the Gardens have been more recently opened up to mountain biking, which have expanded the terrain suitable for running as well. There’s also a network of trails nearby for the more adventurous.

Note: Opening hours and modest entrance feesInformation.

  • 3-4 km of paths
  • 45 min. drive from Accra. A Metro-Bus provies good public transport access