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Accra, Ghana

The Great Runs guide to the best places to run in Accra and vicinity


Accra is the capital of Ghana and a bustling, fast-growing city of more than 5 million. The city is located near the equator and on the Atlantic Ocean. Accra’s layout and architecture reflects its colonial history and more modern growth. Running in Accra can be a challenge, as the city is polluted and dense, with traffic-chocked roads often lacking proper sidewalks. Use our guide to access Accra’s most runnable locations!

A good way to start your running experience in Accra is our 6 km ‘runseeing’ tour, which includes Osu Castle, Independence Square, and Parliament House. The best spot for a longer, quieter off-road run in Accra is to combine the serene University of Ghana campus with the Legon Botanical Garden. Accra’s beaches are the other running highlight: Labadi Beach is central and popular. For a longer beach run, combine Kokobrite Beach, Kusum Beach, and Bojo Beach. For a destination run, head north of Accra to the Aburi Botanical Gardens.

A few notes about running in Accra: the weather is hot and humid year-round. Also, the city can have poor air quality and many of the roads are either not suitable or are unsafe for running.

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Accra ‘Runseeing’ Tour

Accra, Ghana

See some of Accra's most important sights while also enjoying some of the more 'runnable' roads in the city. Highlights include Osu Castle, Independence Square, National Theater, Parliament House. Roads have decent sidewalks and a nice tree canopy.

Accra’s Best Beaches for Running

Accra, Ghana

Accra's beaches beaches offer some of the best opportunities for running in the city. The two beaches that are widest, longest, and feature compact sand are Labadi Beach (1.5 km) and the combination of Kokrobite Beach, Kusum Beach, & Bojo Beach (~ 5 km).

Aburi Botanical Gardens

Accra, Ghana

Located 30 km north of Accra, the Gardens are a worth-it destination for a run. Enjoy beautifully lined royal palm trees on both sides of the road leading to the car park and other pretty paths that can be stitched together for a 3-4 km run.

The city’s location near the equator means consistent temperatures and day-length year-round. Accra’s weather is typically hot and humid. Temperatures range from 30-33C (86-90F) during the day to 22-24C (72-74F) at night. There are distinct wet and dry seasons, with more rain from May-October, with June being the rainiest month.


There are clusters of good hotels off Oxford St., a main commercial district, which provides access to some decent running in the city’s Osu area and historical center. Or, try to stay in Legon near the University of Ghana to access some nice running there. There are also some hotels in Labadi Beach.


The best bets for running gear are the Adidas Outlet store in Legon, or the Sneakerheads Sports Shop in northern Accra. See our ‘running overview’ map for more information.


Divine Athletics Club is a sports club and training center for runners.

At the opposite end of the scale, there’s an active Hash House Harriers group in Accra.