Accra, Ghana

University of Ghana & Legon Botanical Garden

Creative Commons: Masssly

The University of Ghana and adjacent Legon Botanical Garden are the best opportunity tfor a long, green run away from Accra’s traffic-choked streets. The centerpiece is the University of Ghana, a serene campus with quiet roads and paths, and a lovely green canopy. Create your own route here, or use our 6 km mapped route as a guide: start at the Mensah Sarbah Park and do a loop around the fountain and Legon Hall, then make your way to Bacchus Garden and the Observatory (50m, climb!). The next section is a loop around the quiet, tree-shaded roads at the west side of campus: Kobina Richardson Hill Dr. & Lower Hill Rd. For a longer run, connect to the Botanical Garden just north of campus (~1 km using Botanical Gardens Rd.). NOTE: Running track at the stadium at the southern edge of campus.

Botanical Gardens. Creative Commons: Enock Seth Nyamador

Legon Botanical Garden. Several km of quiet roads and paths that are suitable for running. Can easily stitch together a 5-6 km run on the paths just south of Haatso-Atomic Rd. To connect from the University, take Botanical Gardens Rd. for ~1 km and then you’ll be on the paths of the Gardens. We’ve mapped a route of the Garden’s main paths from the University.



  • Campus Loop: 6 km (3.7 miles).
  • Campus Loop: 67m (if you run to the Observatory); Botanic Garden Loop is 53m
  • University Campus
  • Botanical Garden is off Haatso-Atomic Rd.