Accra, Ghana

Accra ‘Runseeing’ Tour

Creative Commons: Rjruiziii

This run is an opportunity to see some of Accra’s most important sights in the historic James Town area, while also enjoying some of the more ‘runnable’ roads in the city. It won’t win any awards for most scenic run ever, but these roads are generally safe and have decent sidewalks that are in good condition.

Start at the Accra Sports Stadium (where you might be able to sneak in and do a loop around the running track). Take Castle Dr., which has a wide sidewalk and nice canopy for 1 km to Osu Castle. Then, take Marine Dr. and do a jaunt through the small Asomdwe Park, then a loop of the grand, pedestrianized Independence (Black Star) Square. Come off the rotary and LEFT on Starlets 91 Rd., which also has a nice canopy, then RIGHT on Liberia Rd., passing the National Theater and RIGHT on Independence Ave., for a tour of Parliament House grounds and other government buildings. Complete the loop by returning on Castle Rd.

Add-On: James Town, just to the west, has some good sites to see, including the Ussher Fort, Fort James, and James Town lighthouse at Accra Point. Unfortunately, the main road through the area, Cleland Rd., is pretty lousy for running. There are a few side streets off Cleland Rd. leading to these sites. There’s also a beach, but it tends to be not that well-maintained or safe.

  • 6.1 km (3.8 miles) loop
  • 31m (102 feet)
  • Accra Sports Stadium