Amman, Jordan

Al-Hussein Park and Dabouq

Al-Hussein (King Hussein) Park is one of the largest public venues in the city of Amman. It is located on the eastern edge of the city, near the Al-Hussein Medical Center. This open green space features wide asphalt and concrete pathways. One lap around the park’s main pathway is about 4.5 km, though there is a lot of room for variation. BONUS: well-lit for night running 

Some runners like to lengthen their route by venturing out onto nearby streets. A loop on the sidewalks of Al-Hijaz, Al-Sha’b, and Saeed Kheir Streets can be a nice 4 km addition. Local running clubs like to venture out into the Dabouq to run the streets of this high-end residential neighborhood.

Special thanks to Crossfit Crescent, Amman Road Runners, and Running Amman for their help with this route.

  • Park Loop is 4.5 km, but additional 4 km possible in adjacent Dabouq neighborhood
  • 60 meters (200 feet)
  • Al-Hussein Park
  • King Abdullah II Street