Anaheim, CA

Good Residential Neighborhoods for Running


The area around central Anaheim, where Disneyland and some of the other tourist spots are located, is not that great for running. Lots of wide streets with fast-moving cars, and commercial streets with hotels, chain restaurants, and strip malls. There are a few pretty residential neighborhoods, with long, flat, tree-lined streets passing attractive homes. Some recommended areas:

The Colony Historic District. Located in the center of Anaheim. It’s just north of Disney and east of I-5. See the map below. There are some nice streets with historic homes where you can design your own route. Pearson Park is a good anchor and an island of green in this area. Run on some of the quieter side streets just south of the park.

Anaheim Hills. This is the high-end section of Anaheim. There are hilly streets with pretty homes, and some good views of the valley. The best bets for running are on the residential side streets coming off the main roads  in the area south of Highway 91 and east of Cannon St.such as Anaheim Hills Rd., S. Fairmont, North Ranch, and Serrano. The main roads themselves are very wide and have fast-moving traffic. Among the main roads, E. Canyon Rim Rd. is the most pleasant for running. Note: Hilly!


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