Anchorage, AK

Tony Knowles Coastal Trail

James Brooks

Spanning 11 miles across the Anchorage coastline, the Tony Knowles Trail is one of the best loved non-motorized routes in Anchorage. This paved route begins right downtown (the far northeast end is accessible from West 2nd Ave near the Railroad Depot) and runs southwest all the way to Kincaid Chalet. This gorgeous seaside path has it all, from ocean views to wildlife. It skirts the fault line of the famous 1964 earthquake, winds through green forests, and opens up upon vistas of Mount McKinley and the Knik Arm. If 22 miles of roundtrip running seems like a bit much, keep in mind that the best sections for views and parking are Earthquake Park (off Northern Lights Boulevard in the middle section of the trail) or Kincaid Park (at the trail’s southern terminus).

  • Up to 10.4 miles. See description for best sections
  • N/A
  • Goose Lake Park (east) or Margaret Eagan Sullivan Park (west)
  • Northern Lights and Arca Drive Bus Stop